February 5, 2008

Groovy Tuesday

I almost never watch election returns on TV. It seems more efficient to watch the stats auto-update on Politico without all the pundit blather. But tonight a little analysis will probably be helpful, so if you have a favorite network for such things, let me know. Given the delegate fight, this does seem like a night when CNN's wall could come in handy, but I briefly had CNN tuned in after New Hampshire and the smug, idiotic commentary almost did me in. Is MSNBC any better?

Posted by Daniel Radosh




Olbermann is quite good, but Matthews will make you want to stick pencils in your ears.

MSNBC is better. The guests are far stronger, Olbermann provides good commentary, it's not overly flashy. Russert is still painful to listen to (not even in a Rather sort of way), but there's enough substance to be worth having it on in the background as you obsessively refresh one web page or anothre.

I just got a blast email from Dan Rather Reports on HDNet:

"Our coverage is not heavy on "glitz, glitter and graphics," nor
rapid-fire talk. Our attitude is much more in the spirit of "let's lean
back, have a cup of coffee, contemplate what we know and what we don't
know, and have an election night conversation.""

Or maybe you live near a bar with some crazy, opinionated regulars.

Why stay at home? A bunch of comics (including me) are going to be cracking jokes as the returns come in at The Tank in Tribeca.

@Charles. That sounds great. Unfortunately, I'm on childcare duty, and I've already heard from Gina about dragging them out to bars.

@Frank. HDwhatnow?

HDNet! It's got everything you could ever want in a hi-def, premium satellite network: sports, "Wild On"-type travel shows, and Dan Rather. If there's a good, high-end strip club near you, you should be able to catch it.

I just tried HDNet. This is kind of fascinating in a slightly Dick-Clark-on-New-Year's-Rocking-Eve sort of way. But even if I have to avoid Chris Matthews, I think I'll stick with MSNBC.

BTW the song title is

"Ruby Tuesday"

Not "Groovy" (and certainly not "Rudy")

@Mick & Keith: Has Huckapoo been so soon forgotten...?

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