January 31, 2008

2 Girls, 1 Inadvertent Contextual Advertisement

hayden-panettiere-stanley-cup-2.jpg A few months late to the game, Slate presents a round-up of 2 Girls 1 Cup reaction videos. To watch the videos, you have so sit through a short ad for Epson printers. The ad is part of the company's Epsonality campaign. It features a young couple sitting on a couch. Here is the complete transcript.

She: When we first heard that we might have an epsonality, we didn't know what to think.

He: I thought it was a dip

She: Dip.

He: I don't think that anymore.

She: It doesn't get anywhere near your mouth.

I don't know about you, but I know what I'm going to think of every time I hear the word Epsonality from now on.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I don't get it.
I mean, I get your post, but I don't get the ad.

I don't get the ad either, but it occurs to me that your point is what they intended. I.e., sex sells.

Hell, they've got tens of thousands of Radosh.net readers mouthing the phrase. That's viral marketing in action!

Is that epsonality on your chin, or just dip?

"Epsonality" as a dip, as in cheese dip I guess. I think Dairy Queen or Carvel are missing a golden opportunity for a tie-in here. That's what I thought of when I saw "2 Girls." Also Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

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