December 17, 2007

War is, like, totally peace


"I don't believe in plastic surgery. I really think natural is more beautiful. This was not about changing me. I am comfortable with myself." — Ashley Tisdale, explaining why she never would have had her nose fixed if not for that horrible deviated septum.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


For further bizarrely (entertainingly) hypocrisies from Ashle(e)y, check out "Not Like That," in which she tries her hand at a club track about not being the kind of girl that likes going out to clubs!

(Speaking of bizarre, pardon my adverbs.)

i had my deviated septum fixed a few years ago, but somehow my nose looks pretty much the same now as it did before. i guess i just had a bad doctor.

I had my deviated septum fixed in my early 20s, and my nose didn't change a bit. But in the last year or so, whenever this has come up in conversation (not often), it's become clear that "fixing my deviated septum" is now heard as code for "getting a nose job."

No one would replace that nose with THAT nose unless it was a medical neccessity. Give her some credit, she's probably not a barbarian.

How is America supposed to explain this latest celebrity surgery to our tween daughters? My girl still hasn't gotten over Vanessa Hudgens' labiaplasty. . .

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