November 13, 2007

Breaking: Rudy won't take cock from anyone

Good news. The Wall Street Journal is safe for five-year-olds.

What accounts for this gravity-defying performance? For starters, it's a sign that for many Republicans an image of strength -- Mr. Giuliani's prime asset -- now trumps a candidate's position on the issues.

"It's all about leadership," says Scott Reed, a Republican strategist who ran Bob Dole's 1996 campaign but is unaffiliated this time around. "It's all about him being a tough guy who won't take c--- from anyone."

To recap, here's the moral clarity of the Journal Op-Ed page: The word crap is objectionable; waterboarding is A-OK.

[h/t: Ted Frank]


Posted by Daniel Radosh


How do you know it's cock? Maybe he won't take cunt from anyone.

Yeah, but he married Judy Nathan. Hoo ha!

Wait, when you say "hoo ha" do you mean, like a vajayjay?

Anyway, it's crystal clear that the word in question above is "caca."

It is great that "cock" and "cunt" do become viable fill-ins.

Not logically, of course, but when I read "c---" the first thing my brain jumps to isn't 'crap.' Also because Rudy will take cock or cunt from anyone - it's how he built his empire.

The one thing we know it isn't is 'cash' - another thing he will clearly take from anyone.

Rudy takes cash, crap, cock and cunt. It's "chad" he won't take. And bully for him, standing on principle.

Being the WSJ, I'm sure the c-word was "charity".

That's just bizarre. Google has over a thousand hits for the word "crap" on wsj.com. (And by the way, it's a page A2 column, so you can't really blame the op-ed page.)

The only reasonbale conclusion is that Scott Reed was actually quoted as saying that Giuliani doesn't take "C minus minus minus" from anyone. Maybe it has something to do with school grades...

Oops... "Reasonable".

He won't take any cake from anyone . . . except a small child, who looks at him the wrong way.

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