October 10, 2007

The shirt con

model-commies-LE375.jpg In the course of a funny riff on Che Day, Burro Hall's Frank takes a parenthetical swipe at anti-Che shirts: "The same people who recoil at the Guevara myth-making would have you believe that nutty right-wing conservative chicks are really this hot. Please. Your dictator lost. Get over it."

While over at that wingnut outfitters page, I couldn't help but notice that in addition to their anti-Che shirts, they have a whole host of equally subtle anti-Hillary shirts. I've been saying for more than a year (though apparently not explicitly on this blog) that there is virtually no way Hillary Clinton can win the 2008 election. I don't care how much of a shambles the Republicans are in. What Clinton and the Democratic establishment seem to have forgotten is that 49 percent of the country already hates her passionately. Remember John Kerry? The GOP had to work their assess off to convince 51 percent of the country that he was unlikable, and they just barely pulled it off. With Clinton, they start the race mere steps from their goal. Obviously not everyone who dislikes Clinton is as batshit insane as these shirt-mongers, but they're on the same continuum. Roping in the last two percent should be a breeze. Take my anecdotal analysis for what you will, but travelling around the country for the last two years, I met lots of people who would accept, if unenthusiastically, an Obama or Edwards presidency, and who will, if either of them gets the nomination, sit out the election rather than vote for a Mormon or an abortion-enabler. But I promise you, they will hold their noses and vote for Giuliani or Romney or Thompson or the rotting corpse of John McCain rather than let Hillary Clinton into the White House. model-rdf-3.jpg

The GOP and its allies on talk radio, Fox News and the rightwing blogoweb are drooling for the chance to take on Hillary Clinton again. After eight years of being saddled with an allegiance to George W. Bush, they need a juicy enemy to find their groove again, and there's none juicier than HRC. Hell, the talkers and bloggers probably secretly hope she'll win so they'll have four years to kick her around for fun and profit. They're keeping their powder dry now, feigning respect for her political skills and so forth, but when the time comes, Clinton won't know what hit her. Yes, she thinks she does, but the heat she took during her husband's years in office doesn't begin to compare with what she's due for next fall.

And don't tell me that she won over upstate New York. Alabama is not upstate New York -- and neither are Florida or Ohio.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Yeah, OK, I completely agree with you, but how are we going to stop her from getting the nomination? Draft Gore?

I think the virulence of the Hillary-haters leads people to overestimate their prevalence.

But why do the lower-income Clinton haters feel the way they do? I mean, I understand why rich right-wingers do, but working people???

So what you're asking is, what's the matter with Kansas?

I think it might have something to do with fox news.

I'd like to storm her Bay of Pigs!

(Sorry, was that off-topic?)

I'm not convinced that Clinton really is the front-runner. The Republicans want her to be for the reason that Daniel just posted. The corporate media is doing the Republicans' bidding (big surprise!) in making it seem Clinton is the de facto front-runner. And in hedging their bets, the corporatists wouldn't suffer much if Clinton actually won the Presidency -- she's hardly left-wing. She sat on the board of Wal-Mart, for Christ's sake!

Interestingly, in the liberal radio straw polls that I've heard -- Thom Hartmann does one every week -- Clinton sags at the bottom. And Kucinich usually places second or third.

Of course, whoever wins Iowa will be the nominee. And Iowa has a way of skewing to the right of California-based straw polls.

>>So what you're asking is, what's the matter with Kansas?

Yes, and that would make a great title for a book.

My nutty right-wing girlfriend is both that hot and agrees that Che was a thug of a murderer. I should get her a t-shirt.

"I should get her a t-shirt."

...or, at least, a copy of The Motorcycle Diaries.

That t-shirt model looks way to old to be featured on this blog

Doesn't Murdoch have Hillary's back, somewhat limiting the FOX damage?

" Che was a thug of a murderer"

Yeah, the 200 people he executed at La Cabana is at over 50 more than Gov. Bush killed. Though to be fair, Bush is on a lot of t-shirts, too.

The Right defining cool is like the Special Ed class electing the prom queen. Zing!

Shouldn't those T-shirts come in brown?

And I was wondering why that T-shirt model's on the beach, but then I figured that she's probably a law professor at Pepperdine.

"she's probably a law professor at Pepperdine."

I'm so excited! Now that I've lived in L.A. for two years, I totally get that joke.

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