October 8, 2007

Notes from the Chinese Wall

miley-cyrus-skirt.jpg Why, look! My new advertiser — Ticketliquidator.com, over there in the left-hand column — is under investigation for violating scalping laws. Like it's their fault that people want to spend $2,565 to see Hannah Montana naked — wait, just singing? Are you sure?

Gabe Holmstrom, a spokesman for McDaniel's office, said the attorney general's office is focusing on whether ticket brokers used computer software to manipulate ticket purchases and essentially cut in line on the Ticketmaster Web site to buy large quantities of tickets.

McDaniel is also investigating whether fictitious tickets are being listed on those sites just to determine whether consumers would buy tickets at higher prices.

Ticket reselling is a big and increasingly legit business. Arkansas is one of only six states that still has anti-scalping laws on the books. (Though I'm not clear on whether the practices being investigated would, in fact, be legal in other states). Still, anyone thinking of clicking on one of those links should probably do a little research before they actually "go for it."

More than anything, however, I just want to assure you that no matter how much money advertisers pump into this site, Radosh.net remains one hundred percent committed to bringing the news without fear or favor. And to finding any excuse to run photos of hot 14-year-old girls.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Now, see, this kind of stuff is why your site gets the reputation of being, "spicy."

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