September 20, 2007

Support The Coup

My friend and former Spy magazine colleague Jamie Malanowski has just written a deliciously funny satirical novel that I think any reader of this site will enjoy. The Coup tells the story of a brilliant intellectual vice president trapped in his role as second banana to a buffoonish president. The veep's plot to engineer a scandal that will get the president impeached is both insanely twisted and utterly plausible.

The Coup is entertaining as hell and incredibly knowing about the machinations of politics and the media —it's kind of The West Wing's evil twin. The Wall Street Journal said it "out-Buckleys Christopher Buckley" and Entertainment Weekly called it a Carl Hiaasen-style take on Washington's greed and power lust. Both of those sum it up pretty nicely.

Update: Jamie has offered three copies of The Coup as prizes for next week's anti-caption contest. We're going high stakes, baby!

Bonus: The de rigueur YouTube trailer.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I liked his Mr Stupid Goes to Washington, so I'm sure I'll like this one too.

Books have trailers now? That's awesome. And in this case convincing.

I hope he never turns his piercing satirical diamond eyes on the natives of Melanesia. Cuz that's been done.

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