September 19, 2007

You don't say, part II

The Minneapolis airport bathroom where Sen. Larry Craig was caught in a gay sex sting has become a tourist attraction.

"Clutching his new walking stick from Yosemite National Park, Dr. Wolkomir, from Barneveld, Wis., planted himself at the entrance to the restroom where Senator Craig, Republican of Idaho, was arrested in June in an airport sex sting, and smiled through his thick white beard. 'Itís sort of a seminal event,' he said."

Previously: Part I

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Dr. Wolkomir, put on some pants! "Walking stick," indeed! And don't think I didn't catch that "seminal" crack.

Wait, you have a seminal "crack"? This just keeps getting better.

And by better, I mean more like seventh grade.

And along with the walking stick and "seminal," the guy was also there with his "beard." Very funny, NY Times. I wish I had been there to tell the reporter my name was, "Hugh G. Rection."

Steve, that's a coincidence--I went to junior high with a Hugh G. Rection.

And why hasn't the mainstream media reported that on the very same day that Sen. Craig was arrested, Mike Hunt was found hiding in the airport's women's room?

Coincidentally, I heard that when Larry Craig handed his card to the arresting officer, it identified him as "Senator Heywood Jablome."

The Daily News once quoted "Heywood" in an article. Don't remember the context, but it wasn't quite as appropriate.

Hugh G. Rection, Heywood Jablome? OMG! You guys are good! You have made my otherwise boring uneventful day!!!!! Keep the laughs coming (no pun intended) or was it!

"Lue"? Where am I? In goddamn London??!

See, you guys ARE good! I never even thought to put that slant to my name!!!! Too funny

Are you by any chance related to Mister Smoketoomuch?

That is a reference I can guarantee she will not get.

You're right Daniel, so what am I missing? And I didn't miss Mike Hunt either, that one was so old ....

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