August 30, 2007

Idaho Voters Now Asking: "Is Larry Craig Gay Enough?"


Posted by Kevin Guilfoile


Semi-related quote of the day:

"Embarrassing, embarrassing. No wonder why we're going down the tubes." (PDF)

Seriously, is it IOWA or IDAHO? Well they are both way west somewhere... Aaaahh, New Yorkers!

Oh - and they both begin with "I" ...

*totally* understandable!

I keep wondering:
Was it the distinguished gentlemen's objective to blow the guy right there in the stall of a busy airport bathroom? ("Hi Senator. I'm Bob. Is it okay if I cum in your mouth?")

I ask because I won't even shave in an airport bathroom. (I just don't feel comfortable doing it in public.) And while we're on the subject: I can't have sex in anything smaller than a queen-size bed. It's just not comfortable.

(Does this make me a conservative? Please say "no.")

Um, I live in Illinois and I am not only aware of the differences between Iowa and Idaho, I am also familiar with their similarities.

Aaaah, anonymous posters!

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