August 6, 2007

Also, her room is a mess


This is why people hate Harvard students. Some ambitious Crimson columnist hears that Rudy Giuliani's daughter will be attending the school next fall, susses out the fake name she uses on Facebook, and gets the scoop that young Caroline is supporting Barack Obama for president. Good show, Lucy Morrow Caldwell. It's never too soon to start hazing the freshmen.

Normally I'm all for anything that makes Rudy look like an ass, but c'mon, can't we let the candidates' minor children lead their own lives? The fact that she tried to disguise her identity and limit contacts, however lightly and tentatively, should be a clue that she's not fair game.

Besides, clearly the important issue here is not that Caroline Giuliani is supporting Obama, it's that she's looking for random play.

[Previously: "As I understand it, the kids today treat virtual hangouts much the way they treat all-campus parties. Yes, they are public venues, but they are supposed to be open to only a limited segment of the public, and, more importantly, everyone who shows up really ought to know that one's behavior in such venues can deviate from one's behavior in daily life and should not be held against one forever and ever."]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


At least they blurred out her birthday. That would have been a total invasion of her privacy.

She looks like Rudy Giuliani and Donna Hannover had kids...

For the record I am NOT criticising her looks, I just think she really does look like that in a totally neutral way.

A huge percentage of Facebook users don't quite understand what "random play" connotates, so the term has ceased to have valuable signaling properties.

The young woman who found this profile and blabbed was on CNN this morning.

What a godawful twit. Her 15 minutes can't come soon enough.

Ted. Here's an amusing section of a 2004 article on Facebook.

"What are you “looking for?”: For guys here, the answer is simple. Despite only wanting to get ass, it is essential to check all boxes including “friendship” and “relationship.” Failure to include admittedly fallacious assertions of your interest in commitment will only salt your game by broadcasting your promiscuity to all registered females. This is neither the time nor place to be honest. Girls are in a similar predicament. Failure to indicate an interest in “random play” will only leave you seeming prudish and thwart your efforts to cultivate a meaningful relationship through thefacebook.com. Thus the clear option for both sexes is to simply indicate that you are looking for everything."

So she likes going to the random play now and again. It doesn't all have to be Shakespeare, you know.

As they say on the Facebook, LOL.

There are two issues that are being conflated here (leaving out the "random play" one): One is whether Giuliani's daughter's political preference is news, and the other is whether her Facebook preferences are fair game to be publicized by various and sundry. My take is, one, No (she's not working on his campaign), and two, Yes. It doesn't matter how students expect or hope the public information will be treated: Once it's public, it's public.

Not that it makes a huge difference, but she didn't even lock her profile. Remember the old Ben Franklin saying: "42,000 people can keep a secret, as long as 41,999 of them are dead."

I think it's legitimate to say that adults, if members of the media can be called such, should respect the privacy expectations of non-famous minors -- let's say anyone under 21. CG's Facebook profile was clearly created for a limited, specific audience (students of Trinity and Harvard specifically; her peers in general). And it was created for a personal reason (to socialize; had she created a site to promote a book or something, we wouldn't be arguing). The fact that it's easy to violate her intentions (or so I hear) does not mean that one should. We could just as legally and almost as easily follow her around in a public park and transcribe her cell phone conversations, but I think we'd agree that would be rude. She's a private figure who deserves her privacy.

I remain convinced that George Bush reached the White House precisely because of the delicious Bush twins.

First Families are important icons.

"Is 'whatever I can get' just random play for ugly people?"

"Random play" makes me think there should be a spinner involved, like a Spencer's Gifts version of Twister: "Right hand nipple", "left hand crotch", that sort of thing.

"She's a private figure who deserves her privacy."
So she's being discussed here because.......? you're all about irony?
I hope somebody, somewhere is publicly debating her fashion choice: wwearing what appears to be a skirt festooned with Alladin characters.

Irony is my middle name. I still don't know what my parents were thinking.

And I was trying to figure out the skirt. I was gonna guess Peanuts.

RC, clearly you never saw the Gore girls.

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