July 9, 2007

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

While I was away last week, 100 million internets users selected a new batch of Seven Wonders of the World. Somehow they overlooked two of the most obvious choices: Radosh.net guest bloggers Kevin Shay and Jim Hanas. Were I capable of embarrassment, I would experience that very condition over the sudden rise in quality here during the week that they were in charge. (The promised third guest blogger, foreign affairs/affairs in general expert Slutwench, went AWOL. She will be dealt with accordingly.)

I know you'll join me in thanking Kevin and Jim for keeping the fires stoked, and I hope you'll follow their continuing adventures over at their own excellent blogs. Also, don't forget Kevin's delightful tragicomic novel The End As I Know It. If you're still looking for that perfect beach read — entertaining without being idiotic — I can't recommend it highly enough.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Thanks for letting me sit in.

But I do think you owe it to your readers -- now that the week is over -- to reveal the true identity of "Slutwench." I mean, I can't believe Tina Brown stood you up like that.

I can't believe they chose Christ Redeamer in Brazil over Touchdown Jesus (aka Big Butter Jesus) in Ohio.

Thanks for the opportunity. The thrill of being able to post on radosh.net was diminished only slightly by the fact that as your webmaster, I could have done so at any point in the past several years, with or without your consent.

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