May 30, 2007

It's safer to stick with Bible verses. Like Ezekiel 23:20.

makesign1.php.jpg Doree Shafrir has a slide show on the curious history of church signs. Obviously I've been paying some attention to these lately. While the history is sort of interesting, the critical analysis over at Crummy Church Signs is much more fun.

In case you're wondering, here's Ezekiel 23:20. I talked to one Christian comedian who told me, "When people say that their pastor preaches through the Bible, I know they skip stuff." I think this is the kind of thing he was referring to.

I came across that verse over at Slacktivist an evangelical blog whose page-by-page dissection of the first Left Behind book is the single best analysis of that monstrosity ever written. It's also pretty damn funny if you have, oh, three days to kill.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Nice sign - did you generate that one yourself using the church sign generator (template #1)


Of course. But the one I linked to is all too real.

I tried to generate an Ezek. 23:20 sign, but it's too long.

My town has a Lutheran church that has very good church sign slogans -- meaning, they're clever, and they make you think. Not enough for me to attend, but still. This wouldn't be too far from you, assuming you're in NYC. It's in Westchester county. You could talk to their pastor probably.

Ezekial 23:20 would be a totally sweet porn title.

Could this be a reference to when the young church secretary returns from vacation?

Or read Song of Songs, so you can get horny too.

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