May 28, 2007

A Memorial Day tribute from Team Bush

r3829590006.jpg Burro Hall reminds you what they mean by honoring the troops.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Funny, I could have sworn that those purple heart band-aids, rather than "making fun of maimed and crippled soldiers," were actually mocking a specific person who was accused (fairly or not) of being awarded undeserved purple hearts for minor injuries. I think it was someone who was somehow prominently involved in the 2004 election...

Why do you hate the troops, John?

When you belittle the medals you embiggen the soldiers wearing them. It's an optical illusion, sure, but viewed from the right angle, it works.

Troops aren't worth honoring until we're sure they're not going to become liberals when they get home. That's why we can't honor them right this second. Give it a decade or so.

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