April 23, 2007

It's all in the, um, execution

As happens frequently in the newsmagazine business, two publications had the same cover idea. But the one we did at The Week totally leaves The Economist bleeding on the floor.



By the way, if you don't read The Week, here's your chance. The entire current issue is free online.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Too bad "The Week" isn't one-tenth the publication The Economist is, otherwise your comment might hold some merit.

Well my comment was only about the covers, which are exactly the same size.

You both totally punked out by not accurately depicting a Glock 19. Scared of being sued by a bunch of Austrians? Wusses.

Freedom to bear arms ain't going no where

see this, real Anti-American sentiment

everyone knows this is a gun repulique

with a cover like that, gun sales will soar

don't be a frady cat, if there were guns on campus, that freakazoid wouldn't have been able to do so much damage

U.S. high ups are now fully aware of media collusion

cavalry is mounted

scouts are taking a peeks

hang tight America

enough is enough

I like the economist cover better; subtle trumps a big, fat gun any day of the week...

You both totally punked out by not accurately depicting a Glock 19

We went with the Virginia TEC-9.

Too soon?

Actually I think it's supposed to be the Walther P22, Cho's other gun. But the truth, of course, is that all guns are the same to us librulmediaelites.

I like that the butt of the econo gun looks a little like the bottom of Texas.

If I'm not mistaken, the Texas-like silhouette on the Economist cover matches the Walther. The Week cover may be less accurate to the specifics of the VT massacre, but the 3D is definitely cooler. Plus, The Week's headline is much more interesting.

Both covers imply that the Next Amurrican Gun-Wielding Nutcase is going to shoot at someone standing off to my right.

How does this issue affect me?

This is a seriously old, old, old, hackneyed friggin' cliché among overly-serious noozies.

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