January 22, 2007

Speaking of cryopreservation

Today in The New Yorker I have a Talk piece on sandboxes in city playgrounds. You may well ask why I'm writing about sandboxes in the middle of freaking winter. I'm not. This article was written back in the summer. Of 2005. The magazine purchased it at the time (and actually cut a check, which seems only reasonable but is in fact highly unusual in this business), but it kept getting pushed back until it was no longer seasonal. I half hoped it could be resurrected last summer, but by then it was no longer fresh — though as far as I could tell people were still using sandboxes.

And then, last week, my editor called me up to ask if I'd seen the zone-flooding New York Times' coverage of the new David Rockwell playground, and if there was some way to fashion a new lede for my piece. In 14 years of freelancing, I think this is the first time this has happened to me. I hope you enjoy the deliciously reconstituted result.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Actually, it was deliciously reconstituted. When my copy of the magazine finally arrived (my mailman is a big fan of yours, apparently) I had fun trying to tell which parts were original and which were new. Pretty seamless.

That was gonna be my next The End As I Know It contest.

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