January 10, 2007

I just remembered

frankiry5007679718045950.jpg After like seven years with Movable Type, I've finally fixed the "remember personal info" feature in the comments.

Well, I didn't fix it. Kevin did, with help and a spur from longtime (and apparently frustrated) commenter Dean, via this guy. Thanks, all.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


How much are friends like that going for these days?

"Frustrated commenter" sounds way better than "reclusive nerd," so I'll take it.

And Sam, the glimmer in the eyes of every commenter, upon realizing he or she has just saved four seconds, is payment enough. Plus I'm billing each of you individually.

I think the look of delight on my face as I find my personal info remembered, is worth at least $10. Whattayasay we're even?

Kevin. Bless you.

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