January 5, 2007

Deliciously high levels of rockingness

Music blog I Rock Cleveland has assembled Let's Go Pop, an awesome 24-track power pop mix for your downloading pleasure. You can quibble with the selection (the title alone makes me wish The Figgs were represented), but not the price.

Limited availability, act now, etc.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I just downed them all. Hoorah! Thanks for the tip.

Any playlist of that type of pop that doesn't include Marshall Crenshaw isn't worth downloading.

That is no doubt an oversight Bob, but it's still a pretty good list and anyway aren't we all a little tired of "Someday Someway," good as it is?

On the other hand, you probably have to put Marshall on there before the Smithereens and Michael Penn.

Also, I want my book.

aren't we all a little tired of "Someday Someway,"

Yeah, but we'll NEVER be tired of Something's Gonna Happen or Better Back Off. Bob makes a good point.

Of course he has a point. I love Marshall Crenshaw. I also love pursuing Bob across the internets and taunting him about the ten dollars he's owed me since 2001.


Oh come one Kevin, it wasn't 2001. It was 2003! I don't want people thinking I owe you a book from 6 years ago. It was only, um, 4 (ahem).

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