December 20, 2006

Maybe the adrenaline keeps you going

On 60 Minutes this week, Scott Pelley visited the Bad Arolsen Holocaust archive, where he made this observation: "Totenbuch means death book, and just look at the names of the executed, crowded onto pages, single-spaced. It must have been tiring just to write this, let alone kill them all."

Somehow, this particular problem never occurred to me.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


On 60 Minutes this week they also softpedaled Larry The Cable Guy's homophobia by declining to ask real follow up questions during a puff piece and lost all journalistic credibility by laughing at the "stripper names" joke.

That wins most banal holocaust comment of 2006! Congrads 60 minutes.

They didn't even show the video of the old preppy, no southern accent Larry either. Pathetic.

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