December 11, 2006

The Sundance kid

Jay Bakker, whom I profiled for The New Yorker in September, is making the media rounds to promote One Punk Under God, the unfortunately-named docu-series beginning Wednesday night on the Sundance Channel.

Hopefully you won't be sick of him before the thing actually airs, because it's well worth a look. Entertaining drama, but with an important message too. If we're very lucky — if there's a God, perhaps I should say, with a caustic inflection — Jay represents the future of American evangelicalism. Not his punk thing. "Pharisees can have mohawks too," as he says in this excellent Radar interview. But his, dare I say, heart. Jay will make several appearances in my book, and the way it's shaping up, he is likely to come off as a hero in a story sorely in need of one.

Update: VSL jumps on the bandwagon.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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