November 30, 2006

"I just think you're the best"

faggard.jpg Prank 3:16 is the Christian Punk'd. I made a note to check it out last summer and then forgot about it. Now I've watched the trailer and I so wish I'd seen it, say, a month ago. It doesn't look spectacularly funny (though the faking the Rapture scene has promise) but take a look at the second sequence in the trailer where the boys prank Ted Haggard. I have no idea what the joke is supposed to be, but this short clip has taken on new meaning.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Can we just point out that the host's last name is Praytor?

Ok. Pointed out.

I can't quite make it out--what does Haggard say after "Do you have any compulsive disorders?" (Not that that isn't a great line all by itself.)

I pulled the same gag as the rapture bit--actually, I was going for spontaneous combustion, not the rapture--in college, but my roommate didn't get it.

Oh, it's the subject line of this post, isn't it?


That bit where they fake the rapture is pretty funny. She'll probably never really believe again.

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