November 30, 2006

Kurt Eichenwald, call your agent

Nicholas Negroponte on the debate over $150 laptops for the developing world: "It's as if people spent all of their attention focusing on Columbus's boat and not on where he was going: younger, browner camwhores." [Quote mildly embellished for readablity.]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


When I saw the photo that went with the article I thought "but how do the computers taste?"

I love the project and hope it takes off and I admire Negroponte, but that quotation is pretty obnoxious (clean version too). First, is Professor Cuban, quoted in the article, focusing on the keyboard when he says that the device may not transform education? Second, there isn't that much to say about the goal, given that we all agree it would be great if these machines make education more accessible etc. Any observer with any intellect will quickly move to a discussion of how the device's features will enable that goal to come about. That quotation is just Negroponte trying to dodge criticism by referring to his own halo.

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