November 28, 2006

It's alive...?


Like some hot, slutty, fivefour-headed monster that wouldn't die, Huckapoo is ba-aack this week with a star turn on a new Christmas album.... Or are they?

The occasion for the apparent return is a teen pop holiday CD awesomely called No Way! It's Like So Christmas. (What? "No Way! It's Like So Totally Christmas, Biotech" wouldn't fit on the cover?). In a press release headlined Teen Stars Collide This Christmas (I think I saw that on YouTube), St Clair Entertainment — yes, the St. Clair Entertainment — announces that the CD will have "12 complete tracks" (because I hate when you buy a CD and you only get half of each song) by such musical talents as Tahj Mowry, Taylor Momsen, Daveigh Chase, Lynsey Bartilson and, of course, Huckapoo, whose name, at least, sounds a mite less silly in such company.

Since the press release doesn't list the tracks, I checked the Amazon page and — uh, oh. Apparently the CD has only 11 complete tracks. Guess who's not included.

Don't worry, there's a happy ending to the story. Well, if you consider treatment worthy of Idiocracy happy. It looks like Amazon merely misplaced track 12, which according to CD Universe is the Huckapooches', um, idiosyncratic version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which previously appeared on a similar album two years ago. Meaning that no actual resurrection was required for the making of this CD. Looks like Huckapoo won't be home for Christmas after all.

At the very least they could have used the girls' legitimately like so slammin' original song, Wild Christmas. Not that any teen pop Xmas CD could ever be legit without the best Christmas Song since Irving Berlin, Skye Sweetnam's Why Doesn't Santa Like Me?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"No Way! It's Like So Totally Christmas, Biotech"?

Methinks someone's spellcheck needs turned off (or at least needs some serious street-cred slang updates; I think the latest MS Word patch has "beeyotch" in it already).

Oh yeah, well MEthinks someone else needs serious internerd cred updates.

Added link in post to avoid future confusion.

New entry in the Xmas Xlassic pantheon...Aly and AJ's "Not This Year," which is a doozy at the end of their holiday CD full of traditional Christmas tunes (and one cute original featured in the new Santa Clause movie) about being INEXPLICABLY CRUSHINGLY DEPRESSED on Christmas. "Don't know, don't know/ If you can hear me/ I will, I will/ Speak louder for you..." pretty sure that's them asking God why they can't just be MISERABLE for once.

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