October 18, 2006

Bring your good times and your laughter too

From Susan Caskie, who reads every newspaper in the world, an editorial from the Accra Mail.

Ghana: We are not starving!

The IFPRI World Hunger Index published last Friday has some nice things to say about Ghana... We are not doing that badly at all in many areas of our national development. Like the president said last week, we must be grateful for the small mercies we are enjoying. We make this point because some of our compatriots go on and on as if our country is a basket case.

Actually, it is not! Putting the IFPRI index aside, we can even use the proliferation of eating and drinking "spots" that have been springing up as our own index of how good our country is taking care of herself. Who eats at these spots? Answer: Ghanaians. Who drinks at these spots? Answer: Ghanaians.

We may not be a paradise, but we certainly have made progress, which we must keep adding to. Prices of food items need to come down some more... The fact still remains however that we are NOT a starving nation! Is that not worth celebrating?"

Be careful. Get too happy and no celebs are gonna adopt any of your babies.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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