August 23, 2006

The audience, however, will remain entirely white

Survivor: Race Wars

I'm not sure if this idea is despicable, brilliant or a little of both. I think it would be less objectionable if the show had a history of casting more than two black people and .02 Asians and Latinos per season.

I'll definitely watch this go round, but does this mean we have to keep waiting before we finally get a (self-identified) Jew?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


If memory serves, Donald Trump proposed this idea while on the Howard Stern show a number of years ago. I'm surprised he hasn't sued Mark Burnett yet.

"does this mean we have to keep waiting before we finally get a (self-identified) Jew?"

Er, the winner of Survivor Season three, Ethan Zohn, was quite openly Jewish.

Oh right. That was the first really boring season. I stopped watching after episode three or so. How did it come up that he was Jewish?

There was a redneck character, named "big Tom" or some such, who joked about it constantly, calling him "Jew-boy" etc. I also remember there was a challenge where the prize was bacon or something, and Ethan had to refuse it.

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