July 25, 2006

And out the motherfucking garden

117049333_fac271d26c_m.jpg "If people can stop yelling do I know what a quarter-pounder with cheese in France is called and start yelling get these motherfucking snakes off the motherfucking plane, I'll be fine, I'll be great." —Samuel L. Jackson on the advantage of his latest catchphrase. But shouldn't he hold out for let there be light? [hat tip: Andrew]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The site you've linked to looks like the world's biggest Google Ad.

if they do a sequel, as jackson suggests in that story, i hope they have the sense to call it "more snakes on a plane." nothing else will do.

well, i guess "snakes on another plane" would be ok, too.

Snakes on the Space Shuttle?

"Snakes on a sphere"

Nah, first we'll see "Snakes On A Train," followed by "Killer Bees On A Cruise Ship."

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