July 20, 2006

Oh, sure, but Vincent Chase can't do Medellin

Dakota_Fanning.jpgWell this should make the Charlotte's Web junkets just a little more interesting. I wouldn't want to be the guy writing press releases at Walden Media today. [Via Gawker]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It has been a tough reception for Dakota's role choice in Houndog.
One has to wonder who Fanning's peers are. Normally, a salient undertakes a risky job, task or role, and then drops back before too much damage is sustained, letting another salient take the front and risk.

CNN ran a video story comparing Fanning's risky role to those done in much saner and tolerant times by Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, and Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby. They are not the same.

With today's equivalent of an American Taliban, Fanning's narrow opportunity to play nude scenes, is very likely limited to roles that serve the state and the further the pogroms and climate of hysteria.

The only way the brainwashed public allows itself to perceive youth's sexuality is as crime and as victims. So Americans can't get enough of youth as sexual victims - this is America's true convoluted sexuality these days.

Some of us support Dakota Fanning's professional choices however out of the ordinary.

She is after all a genius.

The reception by the public drones was less charitable than CNN.

Histrionic drones wrote comments quite obscene and vulgar to media. Most demanded that Fanning's family, agent and entire production crew be jailed.

Most drones parroted their constant brainwashing by MSM and added their own peculiar twists from their constant propaganda saturated memes.

But, really, enduring the emotional assault of seeing Dakota's character raped? That's a heavy toll for seeing her in the altogether.

Yet perhaps this is the Zeitgeist. Rape and torture. Natalie Portman has chosen to appear naked in Goya's Ghosts, a drama about Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Milos Forman will direct this Spanish Inquisition story where Portman’s character is framed, tortured and raped "for heresy".

While also promising Portman showing more skin, the context is similarly brutal to what Fanning’s character is forced to endure.

The irony is that these scenes completely serve the US Government’s pogroms.

US president Bush has signed another bill in the virtually never-ending line of bills in the war on sex.

If the Supremes stay true, it should fall like HAMDAN v. RUMSFELD toppled. Modeled after hate Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM), the new bill is prima facie unconstitutional.

John Walsh immediately gloated on CNN's Larry King MSM. King looked better than from the previous night's show where he looked extremely loaded.

Walsh wore a suit coat rather than his usual Nazi-style leather jacket. Walsh still proclaims he "hates". A self-admitted predator prude, Walsh displays clear signs of addiction to his schadenfreude.

Microsoft, who funneled money to the politicos through the likes of smarmy Ralph Reed, at $20,000 a month, also binged in an ad blitz to celebrate. They immediately declared their release of Windows Vista. Windows Vista has been boasted as "predatorcatchware" by the sexual abuse industry.

Simultaneously, the US Army announced that it will require TPM on all its new PCs.

The only other real ray-of-sunshine besides Dakota Fanning, in today’s Zeitgeist, is that ABC has a new hit spectacular called Kyle XY

. It regularly features Kirsten Prout in the cast. You know, "The Treasure".

Prout is a sure-cure for E.D. But then course, Fanning is too.

It would be a shame if Dakota Fanning ended up typecast as another Diana Scarwid.

Fanning's genius resides in her broad range. Except for her size, it would not be difficult to imagine her playing an elderly person. Or for that matter, a young person afflicted with the premature aging disorder Progeria.

Fanning's got the chops. Yet with the medieval throwbacks we have currently occupying office these days, the fiat boundaries of their artificial social structures are tearing quite a rift.

Current pogroms are little different than "Injun" fighting of yesteryear. (Genocide). State slavery (incarceration) is in many instances, both more cruel and prevalent than "human trafficking" that government agitprops regulary.

When US president Bush finally addressed the NAACP, he touted the Republican Party as the party of Lincoln. He lamented that Republicans had let Blacks down since then. He invoked the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. One savvy sage in attendance chided that yes, and they had killed him.

That is what American Government actually contrives by design to do to its greatest leaders - murder. Where dupes can be made to do the deed, government feigns clean hands. It then passes more police state laws, and then celebrates their victim as a patriotic martyr - if the public won't accept the victim's reputation sullied by their aspersions.

Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States attests to the process.

The current pogroms against nudity and human sexuality in the United States, (and they are trying to target the globe with prudery), are little different than the past US pogroms of destruction against Blacks and Native American Indians. (or forced sterilization of the "feeble", tens-of-thousands of lobotomies, etc.)

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly worked six months in a nightly campaign to destroy civil rights leader Jesse Jackson. It is remarkable that Reverend Jackson wasn't killed by one of O'Reilly's mindless drones.

A similar Fox News campaign targeted Professor Ward Churchill. Both men have assumed a much lower profile as a result.

The war on sex provides an ideal glimpse into how pogroms are concocted in this country. Hearings are a virtual sham. "Both sides" are almost never considered. And laws that stereotype and classify people and then destroy them through elaborate lies evolve. The process then repeats and continues on and on and on.

Propaganda vs. Critical Thought has some interesting observations on this process.

viruses-of-the-mind further explains this. Section 4 Is Science a Virus applies equally to law.

The Register addresses the perverse law.

The late Frank Zappa would have had none of this. He would have told it like it is. Frank Zappa would have loved Dakota Fanning and her innovative roles that allow her to play mature scenes.

ABC used a clever device to avoid Kyle from having to debauch Kirsten’ Prout’s character “Amanda Bloom”, in the hugely popular Kyle XY. They contrived that she already has a boyfriend.

Similarly, the violent scene of Dakota Fanning’s character being raped has already been filmed. So in one sense, she has virtually already lost her virginity.

It is said, that in the end, all we are left with is our memories. Well, usually the almost end.

It has also been said that the object of acquiring wealth is so that a man, er, person can be dependent of having to scratch out a day-to-day living, (wage slavery), in order to have time to devote to the study of the great works of art, sciences and literature.

I personally read up to 1500 pages a day. The average person would find that a luxury.

If I comment on the Internet, documenting my assertions by backing each of them up with links would bog down the average man.

Wage slavery probably accounts for why there are so few critical thinkers. To most people, thinking seems a luxury.

Contrast that with a recent US Supreme Court holding that people in maximum security can have all manner of reading material, (essentially all input), withheld from them. (Of course this violates International Law.)

Such people really do only have their thoughts and memories.

America likes to murder its greatest leaders. It is then safe to celebrate their heroic deeds and ideas without having to worry about them continuing to be upstarts. Traditionally, in most totalitarian societies, it is the intellectuals that are first targeted, identified and destroyed.

It has long been my experience, that when I don't write, forces start moving in for the kill.

If I start to write much of what I know, forces start moving in for the kill.

The trick to survive appears to be to strike that Golden Mean and to write and reveal just the right amount.

To wit:

The index page at Tertullian.org, shows less than 500 hits this century. Less than 500 relevant thinkers out of the entire population.

So perhaps it is best to point to a more recent mind.

I argue that major regular population purges are built into the DNA. Matthew 24:6 of the Bible admits that there will always be wars and rumors of wars. Some thinkers recognize that this is part of the human species.

Anthropology is the study of man as that species genus Homo and more
specifically, the study of humanity encompassing all humans at all times and in all dimensions of humanity.

Anthropologists particularly, are heavily tracked and monitored by the FBI.

Ethologists (ethology studies animal and human behavior) understand population purges to be part of the nature of living organisms, generally.

Religion appears to be an evolutionary control device enabling people to be sent into war with little or no fear. It also allows those in control to designate followers to kill targets without regard to the employing of reason.

Religion becomes a “practical” vehicle of population control. Religion helps to throttle back the amount and rate of knowledge and learning available to Man.

Both Science and Knowledge are key determiners of the actual population number sustainable on earth.

Cybernetics is the study of man, animals and machines.

The amount of man's existing knowledge is predicted to increase by 1 billion times within the next 21 years.

Both religious and political forces are presently conspiring to control that. This partly accounts for governments' and religion's present mad killing spree.

Scientists now talk of the "Singularity" coming in the near future where all
bets are off.

The life forms at the Singularity may be Man or Machine or some form of a
combination of both.

At present day, rat brains have already been trained to fly fighter aircraft in
flight simulators. Brain cells have also already been grown within a mix of

Predecessor Neurons to the Human Brain have recently been discovered that by manipulating, might create the brains of super intellects beyond our present power to grasp.

Yet consider that there have been reports of a rash series of mysterious
disappearances and deaths among the world's leading biologists.

Many of the great minds have realized that both "desire" and the will to live are akin.

Kill desire and you breed war. Hence the war on sex, or more specifically, the war on desire for sex.

Recently, much has been written on attempts to kill the liberal view from PBS by replacing key figures there and at Corporation for Public Broadcasting with Republicans.

Much has been written on the targeting of Bill Moyers. But before getting to the tie-in with Dakota Fanning, there are two must see-s:

Mark Morford's column on PBS and Bill Moyers'interview with Martin Amis

Amis goes so far as to attribute the "joy of killing" to the species, not just Islam. Our law makers almost certainly share the same condition as the Fundies in the Middle East, differing only in a matter of slight degree.

Bush already knows that he is in massive legal trouble. Both Bush and US Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales are fully aware that they each already qualify for the death penalty many times over, owing to their ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Their contriving for military tribunals outside of the courts for US citizens and non-terrorists apparently anticipates a system being devised to handle those that might rise up in protest in the likelihood of a possibly full Bush coup attempt sometime in the future, or in the face of mass arrests or murders of the more prominent activists and/or thinkers in America:

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." -- George W. Bush (Dec 19th, 2000)

How many lives might be saved (or lost) in the possibly coming bloodshed were these two granted amnesty for their existing crimes?

Dr. Stephen Hawking's Q&A asked "How can the human race survive the next hundred years?" and drew some 25489 answers before closing.

The so-called "best answer" to Hawking's Q&A observed that the human race has survived this long and that with the help of technology, the species will probably continue to exist.

I long ago began to argue that the answer was to bolster sensuality and desire, not retard it as is being done now. As the conditioning for the domination-of-the-human-psyche and spirit over the individual by the Authoritarians starts very young, that is precisely who we must arouse the most.

In the coming Singularity, and probably after quick developments with "Predecessor Neurons", super-prodigies younger than what Dakota Fanning is now, will likely be capable of grappling with momentous issues for which answers continue to elude the rest of us now.

The question of how to best optimize the equation for how to provide for the highest number of sustainable population on the planet has long engaged this individual.

Pure socialism robs personal incentive. Pure capitalism results in monopoly, the hoarding of resources and the subsequent need to purge the "surplus population".

The "free flow of information" occurs during times of peace, and bottles up during times of war.

Some regard intervals of relative peace merely as periods during which to re-arm.

The unique circumstances in humanity allowing the advent of the Internet, remain "iffy".

It is an extremely useful device of Authoritarianism, to keep the People mired in constant fear, even terror, as a control device.

The struggle of "fear against hope" is one of the profound contests of our day.

Historically, the mass distraction of "bread-and-circuses" has been used to keep the People from contemplating the various machinations of the powerful, and their rabid ambitions.

With the mainstream media using the genre of the "cop show" to distract people and to generally act as the prosecution's tool, the public is frequently entertained. But just as psychology was co-opted as a tool for politicos and their ambition, so the mainstream media has been also. There can be little doubt that the powerful intend to co-opt the Internet to serve that end as well.

With the massive budgets of prosecutors being regularly bolstered and those of public defenders gutted, the whole process is even more egregious than was the disposal of people, such as gladiators were, in the Roman Coliseum.

Government's ultimate ambition to compile a complete dossier of every individual's entire sexual history will not be objective. It will not be value-neutral. Its object will be manipulation. It will no doubt incorporate the time-proven utility of shame as a principal instrument, which has traditionally been the province of religion.

Clues are found here:

On May 17, 2006, US Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales delivered an address at the "Project Safe Childhood Implementation Launch".

"I realize that child pornography and sexual enticement are not the only criminal activities that threaten our society. Obscenity debases men and women, fostering a culture in which these heinous crimes
against our children become acceptable. That's why I formed the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force in the Criminal Division, which has worked together with their partners to investigate obscenity cases.

"Project Safe Childhood will not detract from our efforts in this area; it will enhance our commitment to protect all Americans from these depraved crimes. As a father and a citizen, I care deeply about these
issues. And as the chief law enforcement officer, I've made it a priority for the Justice Department to prosecute obscenity, child pornography, and sexual enticement cases.

"President Bush has said that "anyone who takes the life or innocence of a child will be punished to the full extent of the law." He has given me the charge of protecting our children from these profound evils.

"That is why we are launching Project Safe Childhood - to go after those criminals who would exploit the innocence and steal the dreams of our children." -- Alberto Gonzales

Presently, DoJ ombudsman Glenn Fine acts as little more than a glorified bean-counter. The IG's reports deal in budgets for programs but generally fail to even begin to grasp the fundamental wholesale iniquity rife within the DoJ.

Just who really degrades, debases and dehumanizes human sexuality? We argue that in fact, they do. Much like the pot calling the kettle black, the "stigma" attaches because they make it so.

The best evidence for this is that the ability for rebuttal, in order to challenge their positions, has been rendered virtually non-existent.

Much of science, education, our institutions and government, have already been co-opted to serve the ends of ambition, and not to allow the examination of the powerful's fundamental(ist) doctrines.

To be sure, there are occasional rumblings within the ranks. The Federation of American Scientists (fas.org), has a long tradition of challenging such malarkey. Recently, dissention in the ranks at the American Psychological Association has also made itself known.

Behaviors that are entirely innocuous today, are slated to be further convoluted into "heinous crimes" by the likes of control freaks such as Gonzales.

Which is why, as much as we would like to see it, in the current "Witch-Hunt" climate of the wing-nuts in power, except as already filmed in her new drama, we might caution the brilliant Dakota Fanning or anyone for that matter - maybe you shouldn't go and casually drop your panties just yet, before and until science and the arts and humanities can effectively challenge the wild claims rooted in pure hatred and disdain and ignorance and superstition and lore and raw ambition that seem to so frequently prevail by the powerful.

But then again - if you do, we will fight tooth-and-nail to be able to see it.

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