June 1, 2006

Next you're gonna tell me Bush really was wired for the debates

Way back in November, 2004, my good friend Jake, who never met a conspiracy he didn't like, began telling me that the Ohio election — and therefore the entire national one — was stolen. I poked around, and based largely on analysis by Salon, decided that, this time, we simply lost.

Now I'm not so sure. In a long Rolling Stone article with 208 footnotes, RFK Jr presents a hugely persuasive argument that, both fortuitously and intentionally, "Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House."

I look forward to Salon — and the right wing blogosphere — attempting to punch holes in this piece. I'm genuinely curious to see if it can be done. And of course I look forward to the MSM covering their ears and saying La, la, la, la, la.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Daniel, here are two excellent articles on the subject. The first is the most compelling. The second is by my colleague here at California State University.

"None Dare Call It Stolen"

"No Paper Trail Left Behind"

Now if I could only get you to watch "In Plain Sight."

(which I'll be slipping you on DVD mixed in with all the digitized comics on monday)

but, for the rest of you...


voting irregularity?

Ah, the numbers.

The numbers game.

Having fun with numbers. Such as:


or the previous comment on "911"

Is "666" the most evil number? After all, 06.06.06 is nearly upon us.

what about the 6th seal?

No, the evilest of all numbers is arguably "2257", which as a Blue Law number, is even more sinister, vile and repugnant than:

No. 13

and while not stated in the link above, "13", is also the twilight of puberty. (lame)

The previous post, though visibly retarded, is typical of the general response to the voting scandal. It's easy just to dismiss it, so that's what everyone did. But I have taught with Mark Miller, whose book "Fooled Again" is excerpted in that Harper's piece, and the evidence is so numerous and overwhelming that only a complete shut-down of the discussion could possibly cope with it. John Conyers, the ranking member of the House Judiciary committee couldn't even get a hearing for his investigation, published as "What Went Wrong in Ohio." The Government Printing Office, whose charter requires them to print ever committee report, refused to print it! It doesn't require a conspiracy theorist to see voter fraud -- it was straight gangsterism, done openly in a hundred different places. No one familiar with the long history of rigging elections should have the slightest skepticism. The only question is why it took so long for people to notice this 8000 pound irridescent turd in the punchbowl of democracy.

did anyone, everyone catch this, RFKjr on Tucker "asshole" Carlson?


(wish I knew hod to make those links work)

My question is, what's up with RFK's voice? Is he just super nervous, sick, have some kind of speech impediment? Is that some kind of east coast accent I'm not hip to? Maybe he's afraid Dick Cheney will invite him to go hunting... Maybe Tucker had the treble turned all the way up on his mike so he'd sound like a dweeb. If that's his normal voice I don't think he's got much chance of running for public office...

Retarded? * would not presume to put words in your mouth, fellow Daniel fan, but perhaps you meant "puerile".

Rigging elections is hardly de minimis. But why should it bother the chattel?

After all, there is this sensationalistic war on sex as a diversion:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI

ramping up the police state


Most people seem to comprehend the etiology at work here:

"Power is something one takes".

We do not impetuously make light of the serious body-of-work of you or your Left Coast colleagues. You seek serious journalistic review.

You decry election fraud. But the people in power are not simply liars, killers, cowards, cheats and thieves. They are also torturers. They revel in your discomfiture.

They do not operate solely from Sun Tsu, but also subscribe to the games theory of Machiavelli and others:

DoJ v. *

The people in power use divide-and-conquer to stay in control. They shamelessly demagogue and scapegoat and the People are apparently simply reconciled to support whoever or whatever takes power.

The People seem resigned to accept and embrace whatever the pathogens of "Law as a disease", infect.

These people steal your votes. They steal your rights. They steal your humanity.

Which comes first in a dystopia? Enacting draconian laws and then creating a police state to enforce them, or creating a police state and then passing totalitarian laws because you can?

RFK JR's seminal work was "Crimes Against Nature".

RFK JR's voice shares similar qualities with the voice of Senator Susan Collins.

RFK JR's voice seems rather like another cruel joke from God's sense of humor.

I think Kennedy is sick. Look at his tie. He's got something wrong with his throat/neck.

Carlson seems to think he should be congratulated for letting his guests say anything.

The results were anomalous. It's pretty rare for someone to be re-elected by such a slim margin. But new things happen everyday. I wish people were more upset about Republican crimes. But even more so I wish people were more upset by Republican policies and the bankruptcy of their worldview.

I just found this about Kennedy's voice on http://dragonballyee.blogs.com/philly/2005/04/robert_f_kenned.html

"Robert F. Kennedy suffers from a vocal disorder known as spasmodic dysphonia. 15,5500 people in this country are afflicted with the condition.

The voice disorder gives a strained, broken or sometimes breathy tone to people who have the condition, who include Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and National Public Radio's Diane Rehm.

With spasmodic dysphonia, which is caused by the involuntary movement of muscles in the larynx, Botox injections can relax those muscles in the same way it relaxes the muscles in the furrowed foreheads of those who use it for cosmetic reasons.

Doctors have found that patients respond extremely well to Botox shots into the voical chords a few times a year and as a result did significantly better both socially and emotionally.

Emotionally is important, because people with the disorder can have voices that sound strangled or as if they are about to cry. Because the disorder is so rare, few physicians are familiar with it.

"It can be misconstrued as an emotional or even psychiatric disorder, but it's absolutely not that. It's a neurological-control disorder manifesting in the vocal cords," says Dr. Hogikyan, Director of the University of Michigan Vocal Health Center.

It can often take years for patients to be diagnosed correctly and get appropriate treatment. Many are reluctant to speak in public and find themselves becoming increasingly isolated.

"The number of suffers could be much larger because so many patients are misdiagnosed," says Robert McAlister, executive director of the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association. "Botox is definitely the cat's meow when it comes to this disease."

Treatment temporarily disconnects the nerve-to-muscle signals and reduces abnormal muscle activity while still allowing normal speech.

Before Botox, patients either lived with the disorder or tried a surgical procedure that severed some of the nerves but didn't provide lasting benefit, Hogikyan says."

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