May 23, 2006

That's a blog with only a thin strip of text down the middle

A Brazilian blog has this to say about my damsels of democracy posts [translation by Babel Fish]:

Politics in the vein The blogosfera walks magic with a young woman (beautiful, for signal) that it walks celebrating Montenegrin independence. Everything very good: but it is not as well as if it was, here between us, Lebanese.

Fortunately, I don't need a translator to understand the first comment: "Quantos anos você tem? 12?"


Posted by Daniel Radosh


You don´t understand nothing about the text publicated on a Nominimo´s Blog!

Wait, that means I do understand everything, right?

"How many assholes does he have? 12?" I guess it makes more sense in context.

Assholes? I thought it meant pepperoni pizzas!

Hey, c'mon guys, it's not that hard... the post:

"Some folks around the blogosphere are in love with a girl (cute, btw) who was caught celebrating Montenegro's independence.

It's all just fine: but, c'mon, it's not as if she was like those from Lebanon."

And, so, a reader just had to ask me "How old are you? 12?"

To which I answered, some comments bellow, that no, not at all -- I'm more like 16. =)

I still prefer the Bable Fish version. But I totally agree that Miss Monty can't hold a candle to La Lebe.

Why is everything always about pepperoni pizzas with you? It seems like every time I visit this blog, there's somebody posting about pepperoni pizzas. It's almost uncanny.

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