May 9, 2006

Meet the gay, Ugandan David Brooks

0018-0411-1205-0252_SM.jpg"It occurred to me then, that for close to the three decades that I have graced the face of this earth, I have hardly witnessed, apart from in the movies, a couple having sex... People will always tell you that so and so are sleeping together, but seeing them in the act! Never. Unless you turned it into your mission like the snoopy well known Red Pepper.... Psychology experts reveal that generally, one in 10 males is more sexually oriented to the same sex. My contention is that each of us is in contact with at least a gay person on a daily basis. If you are in a taxi as you read this article, at least one of the 14 passengers, if it is not you, is gay!"

Susan Caskie, the international editor at The Week, forwards this baffling but strangely compelling column from Uganda's Daily Monitor. Remember: "heterosexual counterparts thrive on the fictitious imagination of the sensations that they cause to each other."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


strangely compelling is right, especially the detail that taxis carry 14 people at a time. damn.

Why does Uganda look exactly like Duval street in Key West?

Ooh! Ooh! Is this another one of those blog things where we get to go all Columbo on the details in the photo? I'm happy to kick it off!

Trust me, it was easily the most appropriate result from a Google Image search for "gay taxi"

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