January 4, 2006

My complications had complications

Blogging, and the New Yorker Cartoon Anti-Caption Contest, will return on Monday. I hope.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Yay for the Brazil reference.

By far the best zine I ever read regularly was called something like "The Committee to Restore Humor to the New Yorker Cartoons, or at Least Make Them Less Morose." James Hannaham turned me onto it, and it lasted about a year, I'd guess, in 1991-92 or so.

It consisted of 6-8 double-sided xeroxed pages, written pseudonymously by some guy in Manhattan who iirc was eventually tracked down and had lawyers sicked on him by the magazine, at which point he stopped putting it out.

TCTRHTTNYCOALMLM consisted of reprints of all the cartoons in each week's issue, with comments on each from an imaginary battery of critics.

Sounds tame, but it was truly a genius production; the writing was priceless. I can't find my copies in the attic, and would kill (kill, I tell you) to get my hands on some.

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