December 1, 2005

Ready or not


No turning back now. After a fairly stressful couple of weeks, I have just sold my book to Scribner. Among the many exciting things about this is that I'm now sharing an editor with my high school English teacher.

Rapture Ready! Adventures in the Strange Pop Culture of the Religious Right (assuming the title sticks) will be out in the year 2008. No one knows the day or hour.

[Update: The new, more accurate subtitle is Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture. The pub date is April 8.]

Posted by Daniel Radosh



Can't wait! When you are famous I can say "I knew him 'When'".....He wasn't married to my daughter, didn't have kids, could go a whole hour without asking someone if they want to go potty! Daniel, we are so proud!!!!

I've never met this person in my life.

You only WISH you hadn't!!!!

Yes, I do have to go - it's about time somebody asked me!

If that illustration teaches me one thing, it's that I really want to be standing near the grounds of a fundamentalist all-girl high school when the Rapture comes.

I won't need those mirrors on my shoetops any more!

... and also, of course, congratulations!

Dunno if you'd seen this item yet:


The US Dept of Ed is apparently funding fundie bands now.

Hey, congrats, Daniel. I can't wait to read it, especially if it has more illustrations like that one. Hubba freakin' hubba! (Exactly how do I sign up for this thing again?)

If the rapture means getting rid of all the women who are too goody-goody to sleep around, bring it on, I say. Oh, and congratulations.

Thank god. Congratulations to you both.

Let me know if you need shopping help--you know how I love peculiar bookstores.

I'm v. excited for you!

Congratulations. Can I assume the book will have a mention of the Jesus Sports Statues or are they now so well known that they have a late-to-the-party air about them?

wow are these Xtians crazy, or what!?

Congrats, Daniel!

Congrats, Daniel! You make is seem easy. (Except for that thing where you wrote about hard hard it was.)

I'm shrivelling up like a walnut.

One can only hope that when faced directly with the degraded culture produced by modern zealots the rank and file will turn away en masse.


Congrats Dude.

Congrats Dude.

Wow...that's cool, cause the only thing I share with my high school English teacher is a shrink and a Xanax addiction.

yay!! congrats!!

The "Rapture Index" (on Rapture Ready), which Tim (Left Behind) LaHaye loves, is helping to fulfill the most important endtime "sign" in Matt. 24: DECEPTION. If the RI would add up the total numerical value of its own deception, it would self-destruct! Actually it should be called the "Second Advent Index" since the "precursors" are fulfilled during the tribulation and point to only the final advent and not to a supposed "pretrib" coming that no pre-1830 church ever taught. At the same time, RI author Todd Strandberg declares that his "pretrib" rapture is "signless" - which is believable if "precursors" can't be signs! Jon

hi don't know who you are but cool picture yeah the rapture is closer now then ever. God bless you dude

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