November 23, 2005

What about "skanky fucktards"?


Today's Blue's News: "Teen People nixed a story about Hitler-loving teenybopper twins Prussian Blue — amid outrage that the glossy had promised to avoid the words 'hate,' 'supremacist' and 'Nazi' in its piece on the racist singing sisters."

To be fair, they made the same promise to Hilary Duff.

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Posted by Daniel Radosh


I love that you love to hate on these hateful little Olson-twin knockoffs, but I hate the free publicity they get from it.

A story from a few weeks ago showed them wearing Hitler smiley face t-shirts. Made it hard to not think it a parody.

After a little bit of investigative work, I found out who the man is in the photo with Prussian Blue...


It all makes sense now.

That man is Tom Metzger, a notorious racist from Fallbrook, California. His son John was the guy who broke Geraldo's nose with a chair back in the late 1980s.

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