November 16, 2005

From here to White Castle

It's not quite Peter Braunstein ubiquity (there are some things I will not do for attention, even to Lynx and Lamb), but my name does seem to be popping up on the Interweb a lot today. Well, twice, anyway.

First there's the half-assed stuff I told Jack Shafer for his article on the coming end of boomer media dominance. Honestly, I wish I'd said what Matt Labash did. Then there's a brief interview with me at Gelf about my newly re-relevant Borat article. My second Gelf appearance this month. And still no phone call from Warren.

A sick-of-it friend e-mailed me this from Mickey Kaus: "I once telephoned Peter Drucker, sometime in the early 90s, to try to pick his brain. Of all the experts and wonks I called when I was writing a magazine column, he's the only one who had the honesty to politely say (roughly) 'I'm sorry, but why should I give my ideas to you?' I had no answer for that. I've respected him ever since."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I wholeheartedly agree with Mickey Kaus. I would instantly respect anyone who categorically refused to talk to Mickey Kaus.

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