October 28, 2005

Oprah worship finally goes too far

Ok, so there's one of these charity auctions going on, where people bid on lunch boxes decorated by celebrities. You know the deal. But tell me if these current bids aren't just a bit out of wack:

Sarah Silverman -- $78.99
Jimmy Kimmel -- $102
Mike D -- $113.50
John Waters -- $134
Flea -- $280
James Earl Jones (Darth Vader design) -- $305
Charlize Theron -- $460
John Mayer -- $610

Then there's a big leap to:

David Bowie, Iman & Alexi -- $1475

And the current highest selling celebrity item: James Frey -- $1500

James Frey?! Maybe you're thinking, well, what if it's a really awesome design? Or made out of pure gold? It's not.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


How about when people are starving, instead of suffering the indignity of seeing a window into Charlize Theron and Sarah Vowell's troubled souls, we raise taxes?

Just a thought.

Looks like Frey is up to $2200. I guess he's a professional artist.

Actually, I'm thinking, "who the hell is James Frey?"
(After Googling him)... Now I'm thinking, "who the hell reads books anymore?" I might have even wanted that lunchbox if he had a blog...

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