October 27, 2005

The picture of the hot babe can only mean one thing: It's time for a post about Dr. Who!


Charlotte Church (above, in a futile attempt to distract you from how geeky this post is) has just been cast in the new television show I may have to move to the UK for: Torchwood, an adult spin-off of Doctor Who.

Now, you have to understand. As a kid, I loved Dr. Who more than pedophiles love Star Trek. I mean, I had my mom make me a friggin scarf. I haven't watched it again as an adult because I'm truly terrified that I'm going to be disappointed (much the way I was re-reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). I have been looking forward to eventually watching the new seasons, but more out of curiosity than anything else.

Torchwood, however, sounds genuinely fun, not least because it sounds a hell of a lot like Ultraviolet, the MI.5 with vamps show I've been raving about for years. Even the title is clever (as Francis could tell you), and it promises "sex and swearing," which everyone knows equals quality.

So what do you think, am I just getting my hopes up?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Ultraviolet was great. I've never watched Dr. Who, but I saw the new guy on the cover of some magazine and instantly liked him. So maybe I'll have to download it. Er I mean find somebody to tape it for me.

Also, I just Googled "Torchwood" and somebody points out that it's an anagram of "Doctor Who." Oh, that's good geeky.

>an anagram of "Doctor Who."

Hence my link to Francis Heaney, author of the Holy Tango of Literature and my point man on all things anagramatic. Hey look, he's got a Wikipedia entry. Talk about geeky!

Oh, THAT Francis Heaney!

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