October 26, 2005

Which is good, 'cause you wouldn't want to miss Frank Bruni's takedown of Ninja

The New York Times today runs photographs of the 995 American service members killed in Iraq in the past year. This roster of the dead takes up four pages.

Were the Times to run a similar feature on the minimum 30,000 Iraqi civilians killed since the invasion, it would fill 120 pages. In today's edition that's the entire A section, metro, business, arts, sports and cars.

There would, however, be eight pages left for Dining In.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


very good point about the Iraqi civilians. those who are against this war would do well to pound that information home on top of talking about the American military casualties. in the right hands (i.e. someone Clintonesque), a statement like "George Bush chose to fight a war under false pretenses and 2,000 American soldiers and 30,000 innocent people have died as a result. If you're going to inflcit that kind of damage, you better have a damn good reason" could really make some headway.

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