October 7, 2005

Tomorrow's New York Times corrections today

Due to an editing error, an article about Internet blogs by lawyers said that Denise M. Howard of Reed Smith "claims credit for coining the term 'blawg.'" The sentence should have said, "accepts blame."

Missed opportunity head-scratcher: No mention of David Feige's Indefensible, soon to be a book of the same name? I guess they felt it was more important to give Powerline some more press instead.

Gratuitous picture to make up for shofar girl:


Posted by Daniel Radosh


I can't imagine anything less interesting than a blog about "the law". And I used to BE a lawyer. But I guess the endless proliferation of Law and Order and similar television shows, not to mention Court TV, indicates that that view puts me in the minority. Happy blawging everyone.

Denise Howell, I'm pretty sure, not Howard, but since when does accuracy matter?

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