September 27, 2005

ID blogging

The MSM is doing a piss-poor job of covering Scopes II. No doubt some weekly magazine will soon weigh in with more depth, but in the meantime, Panda's Thumb is blogging it, and today links to an anti-ID ACLU blog and a pro-ID one from the Discovery Institute, which it goes on to soundly demolish.

That last link also contains information that sheds some light on the question, debated previously on radosh.net, of what the whole "maybe aliens did it" argument means. Blogger Ed Brayton argues that although IDers say ID doesn't depend on a supernatural creator, they don't really mean it, so therefore the Times is actually correct not to overrule such claims, even though it doesn't know that's what it's doing.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Here in the Heartland the ID debate has been raging as well (some say it never stopped). In Lawrence, Kansas a graduate student in ecology and evolutionary biology has been thoroughly covering the controversy in his blog “Thoughts from Kansas.” (http://jgrr.blogspot.com/) The guy not only reports from heated school board meetings where the proponents of ID try to bully everyone into submission but also goes behind the scenes and talks with many of the scientists who are called to testify against the creationists.

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