September 26, 2005

But does she double-dog dare me?

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Subject: Gawker Comments Invite
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 08:39:41 -0400
From: jessica
To: radosh@gmail.com

You're invited to sign up for Gawker Comments. It's as easy as clicking on the personal invitation URL below.... If you receive multiple copies of this email, feel free to share by forwarding the extra emails to your friends.

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From: radosh@gmail.com
To: jessica

Thanks for sending a spare. What do you think I can get for it on ebay?

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From: jessica
To: radosh@gmail.com

I dare you, slut.

I'd be eager to find out, but I imagine Denton would ban you immediately. Not that you care, particularly. Oh, the flaming wrath of he with the big head!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Please, oh, please, oh, please make me one of the cool kids, finally....can I get a copy of your invite?

Seriously. PLEASE!

Daniel, I used to know you way way way back when, from The Transom. Remember that site? I discuss it on my blog, and you get a boldface mention...(sucking up to get that gawker invite)...


Wow, the Transom. If I hadn't already given my extra invite to someone deserving, it would definitely be yours. I mean that. There's a very good chance. Maybe.

No one is more deserving than me, Radosh. NO ONE!

OK, woa...must keep my cool...it's all about the cool...breathe, Chickie...OK, yeah...maybe try a different tack...er, um, so, yeah, the thing I remember most about The Transom was how handsome you were. That and our discussions about dressage and Ryder trucks.

Now can I get my invite?

wow, the transom indeed. i posted there asking if i should date a co-worker. everyone said "no fucking way!" but i did anyway. 10 years later and i'm still in therapy.

i miss the transom.

Michael? THE Michael who worked for Reach and ran The Transom? Or are you a different Michael?

no, different... i don't share the name of the irish revolutionary, and also if i remember correctly that michael was taller.

COLLINS!!! THANK YOU!!! I could not for the life of me remember his name! How is that dude doing anyway?


Good question. I used to run into Tom Cunningham every now and then when I worked in midtown, but I haven't seen Collins since the Transom days.

Tom Cunningham? Now that name is NOT ringing any bells. Was he the guy who had dated the girl who was into dressage? Or were they just made up people? Was it just me, Radosh, the two Michaels and some guy named Cunningham?

I feel punk'd.

it all could have been an elaborate hoax, but tom definitely wasn't the guy who dated the girl who was into dressage. tom worked for the transom, i think as some sort of administrator. he held contests for "best title of a post," and such stuff. i know because i won it once. it made my evening!

Damn I threw mine away, thought it was spam.

Oh it was spam.

Am so loving this thread. I mean, sad that it took me two years to find it, but still. Couple of quick responses: yes, I dated a girl into dressage -- Madonna. And that "administrator" comment is so RUDE! And "best title of a post" is STILL a funny contest. But my favorite memory was that trivia game "we" played called Impetigo.

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