August 2, 2005

Still fine-tuning the Serenity pitch


Yet another Serenity trailer went live today. By the time the movie comes out, I worry I'll have seen the whole thing. It's an improvement on the first one but somehow less enticing than the international version. Once again I don't know if I should be concerned that the marketing department is having trouble getting a handle on the film, or if that's actually a good sign. Does the movie not juggle its disperate elements as well as the show did, or is it so rich and complex that it can't be contained in a trailer. Or three. Or a one sheet.

On balance, though, I'm glad to see they've apparently dropped the bewildering "Can't Stop the Signal" tag line -- which always sounded to me like a demented cell phone ad -- for the more accessible, if willfully vague, "The future is worth fighting for." I mean, now I get it: the movie takes place in the future and it has fighting. True, I'm not sure I want to see that movie, but those of us who know Firefly will see it anyway. The trick is suckering everyone else in.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"Can't Stop the Signal" sounds like it should have Valerie Perrine and the Village People in it. Or their 1980 versions, at least.

I think the tagline should be "American Idol and Hell's Kitchen can SUCK ON IT."

the original tag line for the matrix was "on april 2nd the fight for the future begins." (it was the wrong date, but whatever.)

basically the same tag line -- and look how well that film did.

Right, and the X-Files movie tag line was "Fight the Future," but that's just stupid. And also, it was a movie based on a cult tv show with no stars, so it's not a good comparison.

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