May 11, 2005

Not that I haven't been just waiting for someone to re-open the Ohio ballot debate

I agree with the conventional wisdom that Greg Gutfeld is the best only reason to read HuffPo. But isn't he six years late for David Gergen week?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It's all of three days old! There's conventional wisdom already?

Personally, I have yet to find a single reason to keep reading it. Although, strangely, I nonetheless do.

I'm just waiting for Arianna's career as a pundit to flame out (or take off again, all the better), and then I'm going to recruit her to be the lead singer in my Svengaliesque scheme of starting up a teenpop vocal band comprised entirely of "ladies of a certain age."

Yes, and I'm going to call them Huffapoo.

god, it's really sooo awful (and I've been a big ariana fan in the past!). I guess most celebrities are really just kind of stupid and boring, who would have guessed it? But seriously, I think it's a kind of landmark moment in the development of the internet, the final layer of the superstar mythos is stripped away to reveal a bunch of naked teenagers with nothing to say. Now we all know the real stars of the new (internet) age are the Bloggers; a bunch of nerds with little or no plastic surgery but lots of snide attitude!

Jake's not talking about me, of course. I have monster breast implants.

Dan: Spy did a Gergen bit back in 1989. You should remember it, as part the Parodies of a Future Foretold: "Plight: Twevle Easy Steps from Hipster Outsider to Diva Publisher". Now you're giving false props to the Bard of Mill Valley. Dang.

That's right! I'll have to dig it up. Meanwhile, I'm glad to see from your email address and URL that Spy Magazine is relaunching, but I'm not sure what I think of the new positioning...

Also, you spelled your name wrong.

Fucking Google. But try this. Very interesting, no? I can't wait till Queenan takes over.

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