February 23, 2005

Cast of Shadows: Picture perfect winners

Congratulations to the following people who won copies of Cast of Shadows for supplying the following captions to the following images. You follow?

Click for larger photos.

2004 GenCon76 SW Clone Trooper_72.jpg

"Photograph shows zaftig clone trooper of the fictional Galactic Republic as he stands guard outside of Exhibit Hall D at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, August 2004. Though unarmed the clone's presence kept the Orange Julius stand free of female activity for the duration of the GenCon 2004 event. Behind him stand two civilians from Earth, a planet near Indianapolis. (Photo by T. Rob Brown)" — T.G. Gibbon (who notes, unnecessarily, that he writes captions for a living).


"In the early days, Supertramp divided their time between music
making and yam mutating." — Matt Schickele

Clone of loche  image 12  part 8.jpg

"I sure hope my homies don't see the new John Tesh album cover." — Eric Berlin


"On that magic day, each met the only person on earth whose ass he
could kick." -- James Keidel


"Even with the help of the big-grey-machine-with-the-dials-and-stuff, Jerrold and Lucy were unable to materialize another pair of pants." — Jake Freydont-Attie

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