February 17, 2005

Cast of Shadows: Easiest contest yet


[What is Cast of Shadows? Click here for the introduction to this series]

Welcome to CoS contest #5, where I'll be giving away books to five winners for doing pretty much no work at all.

CONTEST #5: Photo caption it!

Below you'll find five images that come up in a Google Image search for "clone" (click to enlarge). Submit your funny captions here for one or more of the images (be sure to number your captions properly). I'll choose the best entry for each one and a send copy of CoS to all five winners. Entries are due Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 3 pm ET.

1.2004 GenCon76 SW Clone Trooper_72.jpg
3.Clone of loche  image 12  part 8.jpg

Posted by Daniel Radosh


OK, here ya go:

1. "Guys, can you check if this makes my butt look fat? Guys? Hey, fellas..."

2. In marked contrast to the first experiment, the team's second cloned individual had too many arms.

3. Be patient. If the clone is not fully ripe yet, you can seriously injure your back attempting to pick it.

4. One man enters. Only two will leave.

5. "Nope... spots still there... some other odd stuff... well, back to the ol' drawing board."

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