February 3, 2005

Next: Reuters to offer singing telegrams

There's a rumor out there that the Associated Press has launched a blog called Bad Language. I say rumor, because even though this launch was announced in the form of an AP wire story, picked up by various news outlets, and half-heartedly mocked by bloggers -- none of these bothered to say where a person might find this supposed blog.

A Google News search suggests a possible explanation. The "blog" actually takes the form of articles sent out on the AP news wire to be picked up by publications that subscribe to the AP (apparently only the Miami Herald is bothering). So BL is only a blog in the sense that it is written in wacky blog-speak, rather than stiff AP speak (though the latter is in fact much funnier, as The Onion knows). In other words, it's not a blog at all. Not even remotely.

Anyway, what I find particularly amusing about this is that not only did no one who ran with the launch announcement care enough to ask how one might read this blog -- the AP itself didn't even bother to explain it. Do you think maybe their heart's not in it?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Look, we're not promising this is gonna be good. But it's definitely gonna be bad.

I gotta admit I laughed at that part. Because much as they think they're achieving brilliant wordplay with "bad," they've already shown exactly what kind of "bad" it's gonna be.

The attempt at blogspeak is the funniest thing I've read in a while, but how can it be a blog if they don't use the word "fuck"? I mean, fer chrissakes, the thing is CALLED Bad Language. I'll be watching and waiting.

Thanks for the tip on this. Really.

Yes, but watching WHERE?

Watching HERE.

Because as I've said repeatedly, if there's one place I can always count on updates about AP's new blog, or deleted references to sex acts with members of Huckapoo, it's here at Radosh.net.

Heh. Just kidding about the sex, Mrs. Price!

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