August 11, 2004

Highlights is probably too strong a word

Though last night's blogging panel was attended by about 50 more people than I expected (that is to say 53 altogether), you probably weren't one of 'em. I'll be sure to let you know if and when C-Span plans to air it, but until then, here are my quick impressions.

Keefer: Pretty boy, but on the ball. The John Edwards of the blogosphere? (a word I used far too much last night; couldn't I at least have said Interweb?)

Jarvis: A regular soundbite machine on the democratizing power of blogs, but in the clear light of morning, admits it's all about the Lohanboobies.

Sealey: Picture doesn't do her justice. AMC, Lindsay, Spiers, Jess... now this? How the hell did female bloggers get so hot? (Also had some stuff to say about politics and journalism I guess.)

Very short, justifiably snarky, and reasonably accurate wrap-ups from Chris, Lawrence, and Judith (though to clarify, I was including myself among the geeks, obvs). Hi guys, genuinely nice to have met you. Sorry if you were disappointed, but honestly, what did you expect?

Long, accurate but probably befuddling if you weren't there transcription of notes from David. Did I really close on knitting blogs?

Unexpected pleasure of the night: a brief chat with the C-Span producer, an interesting guy who really loves his job.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Great job last night. It's a pretty undefined space, but you guys picked up on all the major themes. Thanks.

Oh, you're right. I shouldn't be so cranky. After all, if I wasn't such a geek, I wouldn't have already read 10,000 blog posts on blogging. Course, if I hadn't already read 10,000 blogs posts on blogging, I probably wouldn't have gone to the event. So if you couldn't win, neither could I.

Watched bloggers program on C-Span. Helpful as to what blogging is and is not. Curous how it works, notice the coverage comes from journalists. Want to check this out. Why aren't women blogging? Not aware it was going on. for my part.

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