August 5, 2004

Putting the gnat in Republican Gnational Convention


I've just signed on to write a daily column on the GOP Convention for New York Magazine's special editions. I'll also have a short piece in the mag's convention preview issue. Details on both TK.

On a related thematically-but-not-journalistically note, RNC Not Welcome has a complete protest calendar for convention week and beyond. And don't worry if you can't get to Ohio to see Bruce. The hippest anti-Bush fundraiser is right here in NYC. The End of An Error show takes place on Thursday, Aug. 12. Scheduled to perform: Yo La Tengo, John Wesley Harding, Eric Bogosian, Rachel Dratch, Jonathan Lethem, Demitri Martin, two-fifths of the Fab Five, and numerous others. (The site used to tout Lewis Black, but maybe he dropped out. Or maybe he's too modest to -- nah.)

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Check out this song for Bush's Convention theme by
Shel Silverstein- I'm going down to texas. It Fits.

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