August 4, 2004

Can Radosh.net on Ice be far behind?

I'm taking this blog show live, peoples. Next Tuesday, Aug. 10, I'll be faking my way through a panel discussion on the subject of Blogs: The Future of Politics? (shorter panel in advance: Maybe!). Joining me are the ubiquitous (but for a reason) Jeff Jarvis and Salon's Geraldine Sealey. Moderator is Spinsanity's Bryan Keefer. (Bryan was nice enough to send me a copy of his new book, All The President's Spin, which looks to be an invaluable addition to the growing literature on Bush's misleadership.)

Supposedly we'll be talking about "how blogs are changing the political process, what bloggers tell us that other media don’t, and why we should read them if we’re not already." But I'll work my hardest to steer the topic to... oh, you know.

If you can make it (details here), come say hi afterwards. I'm the one without the rakish beard. If you can't make it, fear not: rumor is the whole thing's gonna be taped for C-Span. Sure, it ain't MTV but a guy's gotta start somewhere.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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