August 3, 2004

Update: The Ronstadt riot that wasn't

I have plenty I want to blog about now that I'm back at my computer. Apparently there was some sort of party in Boston while I was away. I'm hazy on the details, but I gather Ben Affleck and some fucking balloons were involved. Also, I had a Lohan revelation I want to share (not specifically boobies-related, but still).

Unfortunately all this, you know, work piled up during my absence, so give me a couple of days to pull it together.

Very quickly, though -- before I left, I noted here and at Romenesko my suspicions about whether there really was a mini riot at the Linda Ronstadt concert, as widely repeated, and said that some Las Vegas reporters should actually try to find out, rather than just take the word of the Aladdin's right wing nut jub owner.

I'm not saying he literally heard my cry in the wilderness, but Newt Briggs of the Las Vegas Mercury did weigh in last week with What really happened at the Aladdin. His findings are summed up in this quote from one audience member: "There was no drink throwing or tearing of posters afterward. The posters were under glass, so how in he world could you tear them? I mean, that's just ridiculous."

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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