July 2, 2004

I know why you're here

A Lindsay Lohan headline that is not really a double entendre but seems like it should be. Especially with that photo of her double entendres. Huzzah!

By the way, I happened to come across this photo of the starlet's vanity license plate. Rub it in, why doncha? Proving that I'm not half the pervert I pretend to be, I had no idea that as of today, the license plate is out of date.


Related: I recently Netflixed Freaky Friday. Pre-boobies, but totally worth a rental. Go figure!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I can't make out what the license plate says, but I thought you might like to see what mine says:http://samsmithart.com/22_sametoyoufella_T.html
Sorry if this comment counts as spam, Dan. But if you get that filter up, and I can't see how it works, consider this a preemptive gesture!

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