May 28, 2004

The apocalypse next door

Is there a word that means pre-deja vu, the feeling that you're experiencing something that you're going to be experiencing again sometime? That's what I've had while reading the hype for The Day After Tomorrow (sorry, I don't have it together to dig up any links, but you'll recognize what I'm talking about). All this stuff about how of course the science isn't exactly accurate, but it's such an important issue, and maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing if, while audiences are having fun, they also think about the facts behind the adventure...

Now imagine the write-ups for director Roland Emmerich's next film. Will people remember, when explaining the liberties THAT film takes with its source material, that the source material itself was just a wee bit sketchy?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It's not exactly what you're looking for, but I think
jamais vu works here. Because apparently this is the first time ever a director has played fast and loose with scientific facts. It's certainly the first time this year, isn't it?

What was noteworthy about DAT (and will be again with GND, I suspect) is that even though people acknowledged the inaccuracies, they said this was more or less OK because the issue is so important (which did not happen with the other example you cite).

BTW, I have no prob with bad science in a disaster movie. I'm no less likely to enjoy DAT because it's full of hooey. I just wouldn't set an agenda based on it (and this is from someone who does think that (authentic) climate change is a problem).

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